• This is to apply balanced and healthy diet plan according to your sports and exercise style. Balanced nutrients consumption provides to reach target physique and performance. Main questions are which foods are consumed and how.
  • Carbohydrates and proteins are important nutrients for training and exercise. the level of carbs and proteins that you need to consume changes according to type, intensity and time of training and exercise. Also, timing is main point for their consumption; right rate of consumption before, during and after exercise enhances performance.
  • It is required around 300 g carbs for 70 kg person 3-4 hour before training. Also type and combination (multiple) of carbs affects performance. Athletes need to take 60 g carbs during training that lasts more than 1 hour.
  • After training, adding protein to carbs provides both refuelling energy storage and repairing muscles quicker and optimal. Also type of protein and including essential amino acids are main points for effects of protein.
  • For the most optimal results, personal plan should be applied by considering physical properties and exercise properties.

Performance Nutrition Eat Smart!

Nutrition for Training

This is to apply balanced and healthy diet plan according to your sports and excersise style. Balanced nutrients concumption...

Sustain & Maintain

Effetive muscle development after exercise and rebuilding muscle tissues requires a well-balanced diet that is high in protein...

Strength & Power & Mass

Increasing your strength and power is about feeding your muscles the high-quality protein and micronutrients they need to support...

Nutrition for Endurance

Carbohydrates are main fuel source for endurance training and sports. They are stored glycogen in body and when level of these store...



  • Individually tailored system
  • Supplies more than just meal plans and provide lifelong understanding
  • Continued Support.
  • 1 Month Programme.


  • Body composition assessments
  • Needs analysis and Goal setting
  • Supplementation recommendations
  • 1 Month Programme.


  • Sustainable success
  • Any time personal email support
  • Monthly coaching calls & support every 2 weeks thereafter
  • 1 Month Programme.

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  • Provide lifelong understanding more than just meal plans
  • Current Dietary Assessment
  • Physical Activity Review .
  • Goal Setting
  • Specific Food Education

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